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142 South of Grahamstown: Bartholomew Dias's Cross Kwaaihoek Alexandria

142 South of Grahamstown: Methodist Church Salem

141 Grahamstown: Fort Selwyn


Fort Selwyn (Selwyn Battery)

Fort Selwyn, also known as the Selwyn Battery, was built between August 1835 and June 1836 towards the end of the Fifth Frontier War on the instructions of Governor Sir Benjamin D’Urban. It is located on Gunfire Hill behind Rhodes University in Grahamstown. Captain Charles J. Selwyn, officer commanding the Cape Corps of Royal Engineers in Grahamstown from 1835 to 1843 and after whom the fort is named, was responsible for converting the drosdy into a small, asymmetrical seven-pointed star masonry gun battery which enclosed two double storey barracks of stone, magazine and underground water tank. The purpose was to guard one approach to the town as well as its water supply.

141 Grahamstown: Methodist Church Salem

140 Grahamstown: The Provost Building