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166 East of Grahamstown: Fraser's Camp Tower

165 East of Grahamstown: Governor's Kop Tower

164 North of Grahamstown: Sandile's grave, Stutterheim.




Buried between Hillier and Dicks.



On 29 May 1878 Sandile was mortally wounded in a shoot-out with a detachment of Fengu troops (The Fengu were a Xhosa speaking nation who had long suffered oppression at the hands of the Gcaleka Xhosa, and had consequently become traditional allies of the Cape Colony). He died a few days later and his body was brought to a nearby military camp. Widely admired by this time, he was given a full military funeral at which his body was carried on eight rifles by Fingo pall-bearers. Sandile was buried by the graves of British soldiers A.Dicks and F.Hillier, who were killed in the same war. [11]

Sandile's grave is today about 16 kilometres from Stutterheim at the foothills of the Amatola Mountains where he fought many of his campaigns. A memorial plaque erected at the grave site in 1941 reads as follows:

Chief of the Gaikas. Born about 1820
Killed in the Ninth Kaffir War 1877/1878
and buried here on 9.6.1878

Recent excavations - overseen by the local Xhosa community - have confirmed the body's identity and dispelled centuries-old rumours that Sandile was post-humously decapitated.

165 East of Grahamstown: Governor's Kop Tower

163 North of Grahamstown: Ngqika's grave, Keiskammahoek