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7. The Lodge de Goede Hoop

7. The Company's Garden and its Surrounds

5. The Groote Kerk



The current active church:




The Groote Kerk (Afrikaans for "Great Church") is a Dutch Reformed church in Cape Town, South Africa. The church is South Africa's oldest place of worship, built by Herman Schuette in 1841. The first church on this land was built in 1678. Willem Adriaan van der Stel laid the cornerstone for the church. It was replaced by the present building in 1841, but the original tower was retained. The pulpit is the work of Anton Anreith and the carpenter Jacob Graaff, and was inaugurated on 29 November 1789. The Groote Kerk lays claim to housing South Africa's largest organ, which was installed in 1954 and has 5917 pipes.

6, The old supreme court building

This was originally the slave lodge founded by Simon van der Stel. It was later remodeled by THIBAULT in 1814 to become the Supreme Court. The sculptor was Anton ANREITH and the contractor was Herman SCHUTTE. In 1926 the Adderley Street facade was cut back 13,4m by Frederick McIntosh GLENNIE, the new facade was apparently a meticulous copy of the THIBAULT one but his beautiful vestibule and a number of rooms, including the library of the old legislative council, disapeared. Further remodeling took place by Magda SAUER to turn it into a Cultural Historical and Africana Museum with very well executed, simple and evocative interiors. In 1966 the new museum was opened as the South African Museum : Cultural History but in 1967 was called the South African Cultural History Museum. It is now the Iziko Museum - Slave History Exhibit.

4. Church square - Cape town