Blue Flower

It is generally accepted that the purpose of business, any business, is to make profit. They do that by providing goods and services that others want.


Steiner: "Ideas shape every institution in society, sometimes coming into conflict as when capitalism's practiced values of competition, ruthless competition, self-interest and short-term gain abrade values of love, mercy, charity, and patience in Christianity.

What bollocks - Christianity - the complete abrogation of the intellect - believe like a child, do not question authority, the belief in something that does  not exist. The practiced values I see in the behavior of those that drove the conflict in Northern Ireland, the values that drive Trump's wall, both the the Allies and Germany and Germany were Christian countries - come on!

Capitalism never promotes the use of force. We have achieved the high standard of living we have today because of Capitalist cooperation between often very different people. Yes self interest to make the best deal - the outcome wealth creation. All parties benefit from voluntary trade as a result.