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How to write an assignment.</p>

C.M Heydenrych</p>

July 2017</p>



Writing an assignment is both a skill and an art. This handout will provide you with a general overview of the task at hand.</p>

To hone your skills you are advised to refer to another article by the author that can be found at: . It will give you some useful tips to approach the task.</p>


An “academic writing style”</p>

Let us start off by having a look at what is meant by an “academic writing style”. An academic writing style has a number of requirements. The first is that you do not make any statement that cannot be substantiated in some way. One way is to reference authoritatives ources.</p>

Here is an example:</p>

Let us say that you have to answer the question “Differentiate between Financial Statements and the concept of Financial Structure”.</p>

In your answer you might have copied the following from a site on the internet:</p>

…so it can be said that “Financial structure refers to the balance between all of the company's liabilities and its equities. It thus concerns the entire "Liabilities+Equities" side of the Balance sheet” (</p>



1.       Since I have copied the citation word for word, it is best to put it in inverted commas as indicated.</p>

2.       Also since this particular article does not have an author, you should use the web reference as your in-line reference.</p>

3.       In your list of references you would then use the article name in the alphabetical list.</p>

A few observations should be made. Referencing conventions are somewhat fluid and some leeway does exist. It is however important to clarify the primary convention employed by the institution that you are associated with (in the MANCOSA environment the Harvard referencing system is adhered to). However the key is – whatever format that you decide on should be applied consistently throughout your document. Another point that should be made is that the purpose of referencing is to, apart from demonstrating that you have read widely on a subject, to enable the reader to easily access the document referred to. Do not include in your list of references any source that you have not personally consulted.</p>

To continue from the above example you may say: It is important to note that  “Capital structure, by contrast, refers to the relationship between equity (assets) and the liabilities as shown in the Balance Sheet of an organization”.  At his point you may want to use a phrase called a “linking phrase” or a statement that links what you have said previously with what you want to say now. So you will indicate this transition by saying something like: “This then brings us to the Financial Statements of an organization of which the Balance Sheet is one – the other two important financial statements is the Income Statement and the Cash flow statement. There are others too. (And here is another type of phrase that you should attempt to use in your writing – Indicating structure in advance). You may want to say “Each of these main statements will be now be discussed more fully…”</p>


This document is a work in progress and will be added to.</p>



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