Blue Flower


I have little money - I want to learn to take the actions to make money.

So I am going to track and record my quest.

I have many thoughts and ideas. I have taken the decision to make money, using what I know and document what I learn about making money.</P>

If you have any thoughts - let me know. At this point you can send me an email cmh@aded. (take out the space!).

In this programme I am going to share my thoughts and actions with you - till I reach my goal - The goal is outlined elsewhere!


How I view the process currently:</p>


To "Make money"</p>


one has to "Produce value".</p>


To attain this one has to "Buy resources" use it to "produce value" and then "sell" it. </p>


Do you agree?


Once one has a product (something of value) it needs to be sold.


I have a simple philosophy here - a product does not sell for two reasons only. The price is too high or people don't know about it.

So in the end it is about Promotion.


Letting people know of your existence.


To do that there are certain daily actions that need to be taken.


Let us call it the Promotions Campaign (these also translates into daily actions). It is therefore important that the daily actions that you need to take should be clear (in your mind or even better in your daily action plan or to do list).