Blue Flower

An open letter to Pravin Gordhan (updated from Dec 2015)

The current (July 2016) government in South Africa is doing its utmost to cripple the SA Economy. Is there an an ulterior motive? To destabilise the country to such a degree that there is a popular revolt as a precursor to the final socialist revolution?

The shenanigans surrounding the appointment of van Rooyen as Minister of Finance was but one of a series of actions that have had a very negative effect on our economy and especially the wealth producing ability of the country.

Other issues were: the drop in tourism figures because of the implementation of the "original birth certificate" requirement; the whole e-toll debacle; the National Health Insurance scheme; the requirement that foreign companies in the security industry may not own a controlling share; and the list just goes on and on and on - creating a perfect storm of economic collapse.

Surrounding the current issues we have also had the Marikana shootings, the Nkandla affair, the mismanagement of ALL the SOE's (PRASA, SABC, ESKOM, the Postal Services, SAA, MOSSGAS and all the others. Then we have had the #feesmustfall riots and the acceptance of the notion that secondary education should also be "free". This together wth the huge public service salary bill, the huge numbers of people on social security and an increase in national debt is worrying. The social and economic landscape does not bode well for the people - we will continue on the road to poverty.

The riots in Tshwane, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town are particularly disturbing because instead of the democratic process working - one has this battle of power within the ANC - and people vying (fighting and killing) for control of it, rather than using civilised and democratic processes of dealing with the issues. 

Is this intentional? or is is just an ignorance of how to resolve issues? 

If all is just a big mistake. What can we do to rekindle the 1994 dream of a prosperous, non racial and "better life for all" South Africa.

I believe that a big part of the problem is that government has become too powerful and plays a too important role in the lives of ordinary citizens. We as a nation are ignorant of the true drivers of economic success (

We have survived the final downgrade to junk status - time is running out for pulling a rabbit out of the hat for December. Come on Pravin - we are relying on you. If you are able to do it we will know that our crumbling economy and low growth rate was an honest mistake - if not we know the plan is in place for a Socialist Azania.

The Goldman